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Wireless charging pod for your Tesla Roadster

Perfect way to charge your Telsa Roadster is wireless pod. And soon eCoupled company will offer exactyly that to Roadster owners.

We perviously wrote about HALO IPT, New Zeeland company with advance wireless pods that will charge your electric car while you shop. As this concept may have to wait till 2020, eCoupled decided to bring wireless charging pods into our garages soon. Technology would cost only $20 dollars, but price for modifications to your Tesla Roadster and installation of pod into your garage would mostly be more than $2,000.

Worth investment, as having one of wireless pods in your garage would be the same as someone filled your car with petrol while you were sleeping. and it didn’t cost you $100, but more like $5. Next step is to utlize some green power from your roof mounted solar cells.

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