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Wrightspeed to accelerate with $5M in fundings

A few years ago Ian Wright left Tesla Motors. Than he took amazing lightweight supercar Atom Ariel and turn it into X1 electric monster. 2.9 seconds 0 – 100. Should we say anything else? Well, took a few years to get second round of findings of around $5M from private investitor.

Money will be invested in their Digital DriveSystem, ground-breaking hybrid electric  system. System will be sued to power new generation of vehicles, from sport cars and supercars to medium and heavy trucks.

I strongly support introductory of hybrid technology into truck manufacturing. considering they are always on the road and passing great distances. Having a big surface exposed to light, it would be great to see some solar power panels too.

Of course we looking forward to a new sportcar from Wrightspeed too!
Do you think Wrightspeed can build better car than a Tesla’s Roadster?