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First look at Pininfarina Battista – the fully electric 1,900 bhp beauty & beast hypercar is here!

Legendary builders and designer of the some of most beautiful cars in the world – famous Italian design house Pininfarina – come to electric supercar game. Today in Geneva, we seen for the first time Pininfarina Battista – €2 million (around US$2.27 million) fully electric hypercar.

With 1,900 horsepower, Pininfarina Battista is the most powerful Italian supercar ever made and for sure one of the most beautiful and daring designs. There is a speed to match with top speed of 402 kmh (250mph) and with acceleration of under 2 seconds. Battery can be recharge to 80% in nly 40 minutes and this hypercar EV have range of 450 km (280 miles).

To park one in your garage you have to be fast, as only 150 Pininfarina Battista will ever be made and rumors have it that half are already sold. If you make your order today, delivery will start in late 2020. On time to mark the 90th anniversary of Pininfarina.

To find out more about this beast and beauty in one, we leaving you to Nico Rosberg and Supercar Blondie with their videos. Enjoy.