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Fisker EMotion promises 400-miles range and 9-minute charging time – in a wild start of 2018.

Don’t worry you won’t be able to buy Fisker EMotion yet – not in 2018. But Fisker did presented their new electric supercar on  Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2018.

Year will start with some sparks and Fisker EMotion is for sure a strong statement. From beautiful designed interior and exterior, which we can expect from famous design and company owner Henrik Fisker.  You will be able to see it in Vegas for real, and scroll down to see first photo of Mr.Fisker next to EMotion parked on the street. Look as beauty indeed.

Another beauty is range – 400 miles. Due to new graphene-infused supercapacitors developed by a team of researchers at UCLA and new company Fisker Nanotech. Check more details about battery pack at this article. Interesting is that Fisker EMotion price of around $130,000 is said to include this amazing battery technology.  Another exciting new is related ‘ultra-charger’ that will reach 80% of battery capacity in only 9 minutes. For sure this is promise of hot 2018.

Fisker EMotion is expected to reach over 161 miles per hour, and together with 400-miles, ultra-fast-charging it will be great contender in race for luxury electric supercars in 2018.  We don’t like to use that old-nonsense of ‘Tesla Model S killer’ term and claim. But could be, right?