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Polestar 1 hybrid sportscar is not your average Volvo – with 600 hp, 1000 Nm and gorgeous GT styling

Yes, you will want to drive Volvo again. Ok, its not Volvo at all. It’s Polestar 1. Polestar is new spinoff company from Volvo and they owner, Chinese automotive company Geely, which incorporated together new company to beat ont he electric car hype. They delivering Polestar 1 – hybrid, fasts and beautiful car made in China.

Suitable to new Volvo design clues, Polestar 1 is elegant, posh car with exciting boost in performance. Two electric motors will drive the rear wheels, producing 215bhp and Volvo Drive-E 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine will drive front wheels. Combined power of 600 hp will make for 737lb ft of torque which makes this serious supercar – in actually very useful Gt coupe form.

You will enjoy all luxuries and be pampered in 2 + 2 layout. For eco-friendly city cruise, you can go 150km in electric only mode, which is enough for quiet and smooth cruising to shops. While we did not find any test data and did NOT had a chance to test ourself, but expected is that Polestar 1 will handle and drive with excitement. Body is made mostly from carbonfibre, cutting wight to 230kg, increase torsional rigidity by 45% improving handling to likes of Volvo S90. Unfortunately complicated carbonfibre construction mean that production will be limited to 500 units per year, starting from 2019.

It’s talk of the town that SUV and compact 4 door version will follow with possible electric only drive to challenge Tesla. Looks gorgeous, sounds like it will drive well too – so for sure we are excited to see new model from Polestar. I specially like rear view, they did great job in designing this car to set into Volvo design but again look exciting and unique. We love news that car will eb available on subscription basis – which you can apply for on their website. Enjoy the drive.