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Did Japanese electric hypercar Aspark Owl made from 0 to 100 in 1.9 Seconds?

In the latest showoff of Japanese advanced technology, Aspark did what others aspired to do. Pure run, that can be seen on video below is proof that Aspark Owl prototype can do from 0 to 100 km per hour in 1.9 seconds. We have to congratulate on this achievement and amazing results.

Pure electric supercar did run on racing Hoosier sleeks and it’s still a prototype, not production ready, street legal car. Again – but – as car was announced for production in a few years, I am sure guys at Aspark can improve on that. Therefore for now we are looking what could be the fastest production car in the world very soon.

Now, let’s not forget that Tesla also testing new Roadster and they claim 1.9 seconds time and have a bit of room to improve. We are also looking into Rimac Automobili Concept_Two that will be presented on Geneva Motor Show in just a few days and their claimed time of 1.85 seconds.

Back to our hero right now – Aspark Owl – made this amazing run. Per some predictions this Japanese electric hypercar will cost US$4.4 million and have production run of 50 cars in 2020. By what we can see on video, they advancing very well. Test track is one think that everyone commented on – its just a yard in front of the warehouse, which is very funny, but also deserve admiration for Japanese craftsmanship and determination to build innovative products. I hope Aspark will pick some good investment soon and put it’s technology in another good use… like making an electric version of iconic Mazda mx5 Miata? I dearly hope so.

Beauty indeed. And amazingly fast. Aspark Owl.