Audi E-Tron Back On The Track! The Revenge of Audi E-tron Electric Supercar. Again.

by DeanDecember 18, 2013

As per the latest breaking news, coming from Australian magazine Drive, Audi E-Tron is back on the production list and still could be ready for 2015. deliveries. Too good to be true? Maybe, but let’s believe in Audi’s R&D team.

High ranked insider leaked information to Drive, including extension of 133 miles to 248 miles due to improved lithium-ion battery technology. According to this source engineers used alternative chemical process to achieve energy density greater than the original 48.6-kWh rating. This will make Audi E-tron viable option for smaller production. (We heard George Clooney needs new car.) Second generation Audi R8 is on the lines in mid 2014, therefore expectations are that E-Tron will share many parts and tools. Just in time for smaller production and delivery in 2015. Not more than 1,000 examples of this beauty will roll out?

Some skeptics may not believe this news, but what would we be without faith? There was those who claimed that electric cars will never catch up. Than that electric cars are not good choice for sport cars. And so on and so on. Recently Rogowsky wrote for Forbes with skepticism about new GM EV and Tesla Model E production plans. Articles questioned production and highlighted battery issues as main roadblock. Well, new solutions can appear. There is only one way to improve the world we live in. To believe in our dreams. And make it true. As Winston Churchill would say “World belong [...]


Nissan BladeGlider Concept – Is This The New Perfect Shape for EVs and the sport cars overall?

by DeanDecember 14, 2013

This is the mnost exciting concept of the 2013! Gorgeous Nissan BladeGlider, 3-seater sports car with brave new view on the sports car design and electric cars. BladeGlider was presented at The 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and it was the concept to talk about. Finally one of the big car companies was brave enough to step into the future, not only defining the new shape of EVs, but sport cars overall.

“A clean slate was the starting point for this project,” says Francois Bancon, product strategy general manager. “The goal was to revolutionize vehicle architecture to change the way we think about cars, and to see how zero emissions can help redefine our conception of vehicle basics.”

Nissan BaldeGlider is low riding, 3 seater fully electric car. Ben Bowlby, Nissan’s Director of Motorsport Innovation and father of the Deltawing concetp is behind this beauty. His previous creation is the new 2014 Le Man’s racer by Nissan – ZEOD RC, click to read more about it. Ben is back with street star – BladeGlider will put you up front, in low and silent sport car. Gliding is the perfect comparison of the feeling you’ll slip into while piloting. BladeGlider is only 1m wide at the front axle and 1.8m at the back. 3-seat configuration and electric drive-train allowing for more aerodynamic shape and redefining of the sports car shape.

Everyone at the Tokyo Motor Show loved the concept and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn didn’t [...]


The DUT12 – The Fastest EV In The World Powered by Netherlands Students

by DeanOctober 7, 2013

DUT12 – The fastest EV in the world. I bet you think “yes, it’s must be something sluggish like neighbor’s Prius”. Try again. This little bulldog doing 0 to 100 km per hour in 2.15 seconds. Yes, my friend, no need to try that in you fuel-guzzling V8 supercar.

Students achieved more than expected, as team manager Tim de Moree admitted: “We thought that under these conditions we’d be happy with 2.30, but we really didn’t expect 2.15”.  Team from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands built this 2.3 hp per pound little monster from lightweight carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic monocoque achieving only 319 pounds. And after fitting  33-hp electric motors on wheels with4.2-kW lithium-ion battery and total output of 135 horsepower – magic was there. Lightweight female driver from their team took them to victory – beating the world EV record for 0 – 100 kmh. Congratulation.  Top marks! Can’t wait to see the next electric miracle from Netherlands.




Vizualtech Growler E – Jaguar-E-type Vision That Should Be Electric!

by DeanOctober 6, 2013

If there is one car that I wish they’ll make electric – and they should – is this – gorgeous Vizualtech Growler E. What is behind this sexy body? Jaguar XKR platform and inspiring looks of the most beautiful car ever build – Jaguar E type. Power-train? Don’t worry, there is a lot fo pucn from supercharged 5 liter V8 with 510 bhp. But that so 80-tis. We want two electric motors powering rear wheels. That’s how you go 0 – 100 in under 4 seconds in this century. This is proven concept, make gorgeous retro car that will appeal to movies starts and silicon valley tycoons. And they are all very environment aware crowd that loves new tech and renewable energy. So we say Swedish Vizualtech guys should visit Tesla factory and start working on some bad-ass electric power for their concept. There is no doubt Vizualtech Growler E will sell – no matter the price is. You just can’t resist this curvy carbon-fiber lightened body. Just gorgeous. Just change switch engine.

The Most Beautiful French Car is Electric Roadster? Presenting Gorgeous Pariss Electric by Damien Biro

by DeanSeptember 21, 2013

French entry for electric sport car is beautiful sculptured – Pariss.  Car company that was started by motoring enthusiast Damien Biro, who made first sketches and with over 20 french partners. Pariss is beautiful fully electric sport roadster – and soon to be in production and ready for delivery.

There is no exact date yet, but Damien Biro worked hard to make his dream come true. The Pariss electric roadster feature tow motors, one on each axle, delivering 160kW and 400nm of torque to lightweight 800kg body. This is always secure combination for some motoring fan and electric roadster will not disappoint with 0 – 100 in just 3.9 seconds.

Expectations are that Pariss will be available in 2014 for price of around € 69,000. Two versions are possible, fully electric with 200km range and hybrid with small extender petrol engine, what should deliver up to 700km range.

Biro’s Pariss Electric certainly looks the part – as always French have beautiful taste for shape and design. Plus all numbers sounds good for us, including 3.9 seconds and e69k price. Looking forward to see you soon Pariss!

Below – check inside  on Damien Biro and The Pariss eletric roadster:

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